Suitors is free to download and use. We offer in app purchases. Currently we offer a wallet system, i.e. you can pay for the paid features via tokens that you purchase through our app.

1 token costs Rs 25.

These tokens can be purchased using UPI, Credit cards, Debit Cards, netbanking and online wallets.

The features that we require our users to pay for are as follows:

Cupid: The Cupid is a way of showing the user you’re interested in how special you think they are. It only costs 1 token!

Dreamdate: DreamDate is another one of our features we are extremely proud of. Think of it as speed dating but a 100 times more fun! You get to swipe away the profiles till you find your DreamDate. It costs 2 token to use Dreamdate.

Coin Flip: It allows users to flip a coin 3 times and guess the outcome, if they get it right 2 out of 3 times, they get to message the user they want to interact with. If the said user messages them back, It’s a Match!. Coin flip costs 1 token.

Connection: The Connection lets you prove you have a connection with the person you’re interested in by answering a few questions about them. If you guess what they answered correctly 3 out of 5 times, you get to message them and express yourself! If they message you back, It’s a Match! It only costs 1 token.

Ladyluck: The LadyLuck section is another way for our users to find a suitable match. Using our algorithms, if a user is eligible to find a match, we find them one! Ladyluck costs 4 tokens.


** The Prices for paid features are subject to change.