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Photo Verification

Our app is dedicated towards bringing people together and helping them form meaningful relations. So we have built a feature that allows the moderators of the app to verify if the user you wish to connect with is a genuine, real individual and not a false persona. You no longer have to fear meeting people online and wondering if they’re exactly who their profile claims to be

Fun Box
The Fun Box

Unique to this platform, the Fun Box contains three options – Coin Flip, Cupid and Connection - that you can use to boost your chances of forming long-term connections with people. Leave it all upto destiny and flip a coin or shower someone with a special status by using Cupid.

Dream Date

Swipe away to your heart’s content because DreamDate has got your back! Coupled with all the fun of speed dating and the thrill of choosing profiles that speak to your soul, this feature is guaranteed to keep you engrossed. This highly addictive feature will leave you wanting more for sure!


Show someone how invested you are in befriending them by making use of the Cupid feature. This is a gesture that will draw the attention of a user towards you, because you can only use the Cupid once in a day. You are basically showing them how special they are to you.

Coin Flip

A rather interesting way of testing your luck, this feature is quite self-explanatory. It allows you to toss a coin three times. And if you can guess the outcome correctly atleast twice, then you can initiate a conversation with the user. Once they reply to your message, consider it a Match!.


Use the Connection feature and show that you already have a sense of understanding by answering a couple of questions about the person you wish to befriend. If you answer 3 out of 5 questions correctly, then the ball is in your court and you can send a message.

Lady Luck

This section is all about what’s written in your stars. Leave it to LadyLuck to guide you towards a fated connection. Tired of algorithms that dampen your efforts? Here’s one that will work in your favour. Our LadyLuck feature is programmed in such a way that you will find people who are most suitable to you.


Photo Verification is our way of ensuring that our users are matched with real, verified profiles and are not disappointed as is the case in a lot of dating apps these days. Our moderaters will verify if the user claiming to be the person in the profile picture is actually that user and not a fake profile!

Its extremely simple! All you have to do is sign up using your email address or phone number. You can even use your Facebook or Google accounts to sign up.

You then fill in some basic information about yourself like name, age and gender and give us an indication about who you’re looking for i.e. their age and gender and you’re done!

The box icon with the star on it is our way of allowing users to interact a bit more than they would normally be able to in a dating app. Clicking the box shows 3 options, namely, the Coin Flip, the Cupid and the Quiz.

It allows users to flip a coin 3 times and guess the outcome, if they get it right 2 out of 3 times, they get to message the user they want to interact with. If the said user messages them back, It’s a Match! Currently, users can only use this option once a day.

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